Xtremities is the oldest and well established piercing salon and studio in Mississauga and surrounding area.  We have 4 piercers who range is experience from 7 years to 20 years.  Xtremities piercers only use the highest quality surgical steel jewelry and implements.  Xtremities uses 2 sterilizers to make sure that everything is perfectly safe for our customers.  Accuracy and friendly advice come easily from us due to our years of experience along with a devotion to be the best in the industry.  Xtremities piercers take the time to explain how to take care of your piercings properly to avoid any possibility of infection.  Xtremities makes its own top of the line aftercare solution for fast and safe healing.  Xtremities also welcomes you even if you didn’t get your piercing from us in case you need help. Xtremities has a wide variety of piercing and body jewelry so that we can insure that you get the look that you are after and want.  This also insures that you get the best piece of jewelry for fast and safe healing.  Xtremities piercers have so much experience that you don’t have to worry about pain.  Our piercings are the most pain free that you will find anywhere and only take a second to get done.


  1. cassandra edmonds

    just wondering how much a industrail percing is:)

  2. Monika Krizic

    Hi there,

    I visited your shop about a month ago and received an orbital piercing. With that being said, I would like to change the jewelry but I’m not sure what gauge it’s pierced with and I’ve been receiving several different answers online. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


  3. Victoria Marshall

    Hello. Curious how much a female gentian/ clit piercing is and if your female pierciers are qualified to do one. I actually had it done before however it migrated out.

    If they are able to do it is there any time next Tuesday later afternoon?

  4. Joe

    Hey just curious I. How much just for two lobes

  5. Divina S

    Hey! I was wondering how much second ear piercings will cost?

  6. niha

    how much does a naval piercing cost and can i do a walk in to get it done?


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