If you are someone who wishes to wear your heart on your skin and make your body a canvas of your stories, passion or experience, then we are the place for you. Rest guaranteed, our smart studio is a perfect and sterile condition.

We are a master, top of the line custom and award winning tattoos studio, catering for the observing tattoo lover and we create one-off unique pieces attracted to our customer’s detail. We have painstakingly chosen a world-class group of tattoo artist for you to look over; they all create work of extraordinary quality!

We spent a lot of time and put a lot of thought into your space to make it just so awesome. It is a constant work in advance, as we develop and advance as specialists so will our environment.  Our intention is to stress the custom side of tattooing.

We take great pride in our Toronto tattoos studio by providing excellent customer service, here; you will find the cleanest, most modern facilities available.  We are fully licensed and individually registered, and our state-of-the-art and air-conditioned tattoo studio is a comfortable, friendly place with a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

Our specialists can make an outline for you in any style possible including geometry, speck work, dark and dim, content, neo-conventional, authenticity, illustrative or anything you want.  We also offer body piercing services which offer a large variety of piercing and are always happy to assist you with jewelry insertion and removal.

Our goal does not only give you an amazing and award winning tattoos – our goal is to create them with you. We in the long run age, however regardless of how old we get, our ink will fill in as a memoir of our past times worth remembering, our resistance, our triumphs, our friends and family and our lost ones. Our ink fills in as a period case as an update that it doesn’t make a difference how much time has passed, in light of the fact that we will dependably be Forever Young!

When you walk in the door you won’t be greeted by racks of flash art as we strongly encourage you to bring your ideas an inspirations with you so we can talk through them together an create an original work of art that is exactly yours.

We have a passion for Toronto tattoos. Whether you are a body art aficionado, tattoo virgin or just curious – we always welcome you.

All our focus is on giving you -a nice and solid quality tattoo that will be worthy of wearing for the rest of your life!



Everyone has a different way to express their personality and thoughts; some say it, some write it and some express with their body piercings and tattoos. It is said that although a style statement, for some people body piercings are a message to convey. Available in different options and styles, there is a huge craze for them. Traditionally people just used to get their ear pierced but now they pierce their naval, tongue, nose etc.

Why do people go for body piercing?

1. Piercing on nose or ears is said to have spiritual benefits.
2. It is said that piercings at specific parts raises attraction.
3. Some people find it as a way to express their emotions.

Understanding the needs of the people, we at XTREMITIES are known for best Tattoos, body piercing, and body jewelry. We create something new every time you visit us. We understand your emotions behind every design and our creativity and talent flows in the same way. With best of professionals and creative artists, we use best in class equipment and needles to make a perfect design in the safest way.

In earlier times body piercing was a traditional woe but now it is considered as fashion. With so many designs available for studs and danglers, people find it attractive to get pierced. With huge client base, the industry is growing at a rapid phase.

How to distinguish between a good and an average body piercing professional?

1. Experience: This field is not just creativity but also on how well the person knows about the accuracy of piercing a particular area because if a wrong vein is pierced, the results can be dangerous.

2. Types of piercings: There is a huge variety of piercing to choose from and if the artist knows them; nothing greater than this.

3. Testimonials: The best is well recognized amongst the clients and there is a lot of mouth to mouth publicity. So just don’t rely on advertisements but also check for testimonials.

It is very important for a person getting pierced to understand about maintenance and hygiene-related issues of the same. Say for example if you get your nose pierced then there is a chance of getting puss over there so keep in mind to keep it clean. Your accessories should also be clean. All these small things help in avoiding big fusses that may arise.

There are a lot of myths in the society regarding body piercings but one must understand that anything that you do with your body is completely your choice and should not be influenced by the opinion of others. If you like a certain thing, a certain way then let it be.

And so we hope to expect you soon for a new piercing!!



You have an idea of the tattoo you need however you require an artist to draw it for you. We have some expertise in Toronto tattoos and furthermore give customized tattoos, regardless of whether it’s little or extensive plan, let our artists bring life into your thought with an expertise.

With a diverse range of talented artists at our Toronto tattoos shops, you are sure to find a style that’s right for you. We are one of the Toronto’s premier tattoo and piercing studios and all of our shops are stocked with a collection of uncommon brands and products.

Our friendly and knowledgeable counter staff is ready to greet you and handle all your requests.  All of the staff and artist at our Toronto tattoos are well trained in cross-contamination prevention, sterilization, and maintaining pristine hygienic conditions. All needle-bars and needles are pre-sanitized, single-use and are gathered and burned all the time by qualified outsider experts.

All our Toronto tattoos are unique to the individual and we work with our clients until they are more than satisfied with our designs before we proceed to further steps. We take pride in our friendly, welcoming atmosphere, professionalism and craftsmanship. We believe in viewing the body as a whole and creating harmonious Toronto tattoos designs to flow seamlessly with the skin.

Our lifestyle is an inked life and like every passionate artist, we spend a huge amount of our working hours sharpening our aptitudes, bettering our art and making ourselves into the best Toronto tattoos craftsmen, and we consider making our measures and standards crucial in maintaining an environment where we can provide top-notch work and also guarantee complete safety, for ourselves and our clients.

We eat, breathe and sleep tattoos. Feel free to drop any time by for a quick consultation with our Toronto tattoos artists.

Tattoo Studio in Mississauga

Tattoo Studio in Mississauga

Every tattoo has a story to say, it is said you tattoo represents your views and feeling, so why not opt for the best to express. We at Xtremities Tattoo, deliver the best services for piercings, permanent make up and tattoos. We are not just any other tattoo parlor; we provide the highest quality of service to our visitors. We work efficiently to ensure that anyone who chooses Xtremities Tattoo leaves with an amazing experience and tattoo which they truly love. If you are serious about getting a tattoo or piercing, you should go about it the right way. Do not rush and invest it anything cheap, choose the best tattoo parlor because some things are permanent.

The studio has an artistic atmosphere which totally suits its cool tattoo makers. We are known for our flair for design and creativity, Steady hand tattooing with no pain and extremely good attention to details. We as a tattoo parlor, understand the seriousness of our work and hence have a motto to deliver unique and new designs to make you more confident and expressive as you wear them permanently.
Our Services:
1. Permanent Tattoo
2. Eye lash Extension
3. Piercing
4. Body Jewelry
To transform our world, we must first transform ourselves. Our Tattoos are powerful transformationswhich lets you to represent yourself to the world, they use ofpositive words, inspiring quotes, and healing affirmations to support you on your personal journey.
Myths Busted:
There is only one tattoo needles:  People think tattoos are done with a single tattoo needle.  They are actually done with needles that are stalked together and joined in to groups of odd numbers:  3, 5, 7, etc.
Tattoos bleed heavily: 
In most of cases the outline shouldn’t bleed at all and shading shouldn’t bleed for more than 5 or 10 minutes. When you are done with the work at the tattoo parlor, the tattoo will be bandaged but usually stopped bleeding.
Red tattoo inks fade and looks worn off:   At one time colors such as red and blue often faded quite a bit. But with the coming of new technology, no such problem majorly occurs.
Tattoos is painful:
While there is some level of discomfort involved, many people find tattoos to be less painful than they expected. An experienced, professional and mature tattoo artist will know all techniques to make the pain as bearable as possible. Some people use a numbing cream, you would need to ask your artist before using the cream Tattoos are high on the cost side:  Not in the long run, in all cases a tattoo is a permanent addition to your body and personality.  It is paid for at one time. There’s no financing or interest involved. It can’t be broken or stolen. Tattoo cost should not weigh heavily.
It is important to understand the tattoo parlor and see their work, we swear by our quality of work and dedication to serve you with the best. So, come and unleash the ‘cool’ side of yours.
Experienced Tattoo Artist

Experienced Tattoo Artist

Now a day’s tattoo is not only been famous in celebrities but also the common people. A tattoo is the type of arts which mount on the any part of body. Many traditional tribal groups have some specific type of designing in tattoo formation. Old method was so much complicated and painful. But new machines and techniques make the procedure simpler and less painful. Experienced tattoo artist make some unique and complicated designs. Things to look for in a tattoo designer:

First thing always choose an experienced tattoo artist for your first tattoo, because he will provide you confidence that you are in safe hands. And this is not much painful and complicated process.

You should talk to their previous client for how were their services. In my suggestion this is the best thing for hire a good one. You can judge his quality of work on the basic of last clients.

It’s necessary that to treat you tattoo artist in familiar way. Good behavior of artist can make you comfortable and ready for tattoo.

Make sure that your artist use proper safety technique to avoid from germs and infections. Proper sterilization of equipments is necessary in health terms.

“Extremities” is the best places to get fulfill your all requirements. You can take reference from your neighbors, relatives, and friends to guide a best option for an experienced tattoo artist. Another most commonly asked question is that how much tattoo hurts? It’s not too much pain during making too you can easily bear this pain and get an awesome design.