If you are someone who wishes to wear your heart on your skin and make your body a canvas of your stories, passion or experience, then we are the place for you. Rest guaranteed, our smart studio is a perfect and sterile condition.

We are a master, top of the line custom and award winning tattoos studio, catering for the observing tattoo lover and we create one-off unique pieces attracted to our customer’s detail. We have painstakingly chosen a world-class group of tattoo artist for you to look over; they all create work of extraordinary quality!

We spent a lot of time and put a lot of thought into your space to make it just so awesome. It is a constant work in advance, as we develop and advance as specialists so will our environment.  Our intention is to stress the custom side of tattooing.

We take great pride in our Toronto tattoos studio by providing excellent customer service, here; you will find the cleanest, most modern facilities available.  We are fully licensed and individually registered, and our state-of-the-art and air-conditioned tattoo studio is a comfortable, friendly place with a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

Our specialists can make an outline for you in any style possible including geometry, speck work, dark and dim, content, neo-conventional, authenticity, illustrative or anything you want.  We also offer body piercing services which offer a large variety of piercing and are always happy to assist you with jewelry insertion and removal.

Our goal does not only give you an amazing and award winning tattoos – our goal is to create them with you. We in the long run age, however regardless of how old we get, our ink will fill in as a memoir of our past times worth remembering, our resistance, our triumphs, our friends and family and our lost ones. Our ink fills in as a period case as an update that it doesn’t make a difference how much time has passed, in light of the fact that we will dependably be Forever Young!

When you walk in the door you won’t be greeted by racks of flash art as we strongly encourage you to bring your ideas an inspirations with you so we can talk through them together an create an original work of art that is exactly yours.

We have a passion for Toronto tattoos. Whether you are a body art aficionado, tattoo virgin or just curious – we always welcome you.

All our focus is on giving you -a nice and solid quality tattoo that will be worthy of wearing for the rest of your life!