Every tattoo has a story to say, it is said you tattoo represents your views and feeling, so why not opt for the best to express. We at Xtremities Tattoo, deliver the best services for piercings, permanent make up and tattoos. We are not just any other tattoo parlor; we provide the highest quality of service to our visitors. We work efficiently to ensure that anyone who chooses Xtremities Tattoo leaves with an amazing experience and tattoo which they truly love. If you are serious about getting a tattoo or piercing, you should go about it the right way. Do not rush and invest it anything cheap, choose the best tattoo parlor because some things are permanent.

The studio has an artistic atmosphere which totally suits its cool tattoo makers. We are known for our flair for design and creativity, Steady hand tattooing with no pain and extremely good attention to details. We as a tattoo parlor, understand the seriousness of our work and hence have a motto to deliver unique and new designs to make you more confident and expressive as you wear them permanently.
Our Services:
1. Permanent Tattoo
2. Eye lash Extension
3. Piercing
4. Body Jewelry
To transform our world, we must first transform ourselves. Our Tattoos are powerful transformationswhich lets you to represent yourself to the world, they use ofpositive words, inspiring quotes, and healing affirmations to support you on your personal journey.
Myths Busted:
There is only one tattoo needles:  People think tattoos are done with a single tattoo needle.  They are actually done with needles that are stalked together and joined in to groups of odd numbers:  3, 5, 7, etc.
Tattoos bleed heavily: 
In most of cases the outline shouldn’t bleed at all and shading shouldn’t bleed for more than 5 or 10 minutes. When you are done with the work at the tattoo parlor, the tattoo will be bandaged but usually stopped bleeding.
Red tattoo inks fade and looks worn off:   At one time colors such as red and blue often faded quite a bit. But with the coming of new technology, no such problem majorly occurs.
Tattoos is painful:
While there is some level of discomfort involved, many people find tattoos to be less painful than they expected. An experienced, professional and mature tattoo artist will know all techniques to make the pain as bearable as possible. Some people use a numbing cream, you would need to ask your artist before using the cream Tattoos are high on the cost side:  Not in the long run, in all cases a tattoo is a permanent addition to your body and personality.  It is paid for at one time. There’s no financing or interest involved. It can’t be broken or stolen. Tattoo cost should not weigh heavily.
It is important to understand the tattoo parlor and see their work, we swear by our quality of work and dedication to serve you with the best. So, come and unleash the ‘cool’ side of yours.