You have an idea of the tattoo you need however you require an artist to draw it for you. We have some expertise in Toronto tattoos and furthermore give customized tattoos, regardless of whether it’s little or extensive plan, let our artists bring life into your thought with an expertise.

With a diverse range of talented artists at our Toronto tattoos shops, you are sure to find a style that’s right for you. We are one of the Toronto’s premier tattoo and piercing studios and all of our shops are stocked with a collection of uncommon brands and products.

Our friendly and knowledgeable counter staff is ready to greet you and handle all your requests.  All of the staff and artist at our Toronto tattoos are well trained in cross-contamination prevention, sterilization, and maintaining pristine hygienic conditions. All needle-bars and needles are pre-sanitized, single-use and are gathered and burned all the time by qualified outsider experts.

All our Toronto tattoos are unique to the individual and we work with our clients until they are more than satisfied with our designs before we proceed to further steps. We take pride in our friendly, welcoming atmosphere, professionalism and craftsmanship. We believe in viewing the body as a whole and creating harmonious Toronto tattoos designs to flow seamlessly with the skin.

Our lifestyle is an inked life and like every passionate artist, we spend a huge amount of our working hours sharpening our aptitudes, bettering our art and making ourselves into the best Toronto tattoos craftsmen, and we consider making our measures and standards crucial in maintaining an environment where we can provide top-notch work and also guarantee complete safety, for ourselves and our clients.

We eat, breathe and sleep tattoos. Feel free to drop any time by for a quick consultation with our Toronto tattoos artists.