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It was a sunny afternoon as I finished my ice cream outside the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum). I gazed upon the large pictures of primitive Indians adorned with body art on the grounds outside the museum. School buses filled with grade school kids reminded me of the first time I visited the museum on our class trip in grade 6. The early tattoos had a rick-rack design in black ink. Even today, a lot of people support this art form in the traditional classic black ink. Original tattoo machines were crafted of bamboo. I encourage you to visit the ROM’S TATTOO SHOW. It will enlighten you about the primitive beginnings of the art.

This is a great opportunity to see the ancient origins to how tattoo art has evolved and are received and interpreted in modern times. – See more at: tattoos.com
Attend the four lectures moderated by Radio Canada’s Kevin Sweet, a humourist. You will have a new or renewed appreciation for this incredible and incredibly varying art form.

Photo provided by tattoo.com
Artist billyboyUK
Artist billyboyUK


The legacy of tattooing is common among most cultures and embraced world-wide. During the Age of Discovery, European travelers in Asia, the islands and the Americas “rediscovered” tattoos, which then became popular among sailors. Remember those anchor tattoos?  Sailors learned how to make their own tattoos on the long sea voyages. Moby Dick’s Queequeg was covered with tattoos from head to toe. Pushing forward, tattooing became an artistic expression. American invention of the electric tattoo machine changed the landscape entirely. With inspiration from Japanese irezumi tattoos, a global reconstruction of tattooing was born. Today, this cultural renewal is happening at an unprecedented level.

photo provided by #ROMink
photo provided by #ROMink

Behind every tattoo there is a story. This one reads “Learn from yesterday, Live for today, Hope for tomorrow”. A classic message to live by. My niece has a tattoo of a colourful owl on top of her foot. It’s cute! She likes owls.  People may pick a particular design just because they like hearts, roses or tigers. Tell us your story.  What is it about tigers that you like? Why owls? We will add your story to our blog. We are all fascinated by the story behind the TATTOO. We will send you our story “about you” so you can share it on Facebook and all other social medias. Our professional writers will make you shine!

A Wild Rose...photo provided by tattoo.com
A Wild Rose…photo provided by tattoo.com

The ROM TATTOO Exhibit is open all summer long. The last day is September 5, 2016. To get details about the exhibit click on the ROM website rom.ca.on