This is our 12th year!  We have devoted one day each year to support the animals at shelters in MISSISSAUGA , Ontario, Canada. the turnout have been great. We are busy all day long.  Come early. We have had some lineups most years. Our staff are donation their time for one day.


The Mississauga Animal Shelter Services “Special Care for Animal and Resources Fund” (SCARF)

is a great organization
100% of Your SCARF donation goes to help rescued and abandoned animals


All funds collected through SCARF are used to help the animals in the care of Mississauga Animal Services by:

  • Providing extra veterinary care and specialized surgeries
  • Purchasing shelter enrichment items and medications for the animals
  • Supporting spay and neuter of adoption animals
  • Providing funds to the animal foster care program for specialized diets and care
  • Making non-budgeted shelter improvements to animal housing and equipment